Is it really necessary to know everything from your partner’s previous relationships?

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7 thoughts on “Is it really necessary to know everything from your partner’s previous relationships?

    1. Thinking about my own past relationships, it is my belief that anything in the past should be left in the past. Every individual and relationship is different and there should never be a comparison. If you love someone you trust them and whatever should be known will be told otherwise it could cause problems.

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      1. I definitely believe in getting to know your partners how ever I also believe that too much information for anybody’s past can be damaging. As you get you know your partner what you need to know will then be revealed. Anything else doesn’t matter. I believing Praying and Trust God for everything when it comes to Relationships because I have been through many and messed up so bad I don’t put pressure on the past. Every deserve a second chance. If a person was a murder, rapist, bank robber etc. I know that God will and has reveal it.

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  1. For me and most women I know we don’t want to really know about the other person’s personal past like how many people he’s slept with his whole life or things that aren’t relevant it can cause early problems ask what u like to know but don’t make it a survey.

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  2. It’s a mixture of what you like know to out of curiosity and important things you have to ask like do you believe in getting tested regularly criminal background, religion,health, those are more so important go to questions. You got to know and the what you like to know that could be deal breakers. Or make you side eye would be is he a family man close to his mother or some kind of women in his life that had a influence on him. Because 9/10 he is going to treat you how he treat his mother if their bond wasn’t tight or she was wasn’t present that could effect how he’s going to treat you.

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