Hell Date…

shaved my legs dtae joke

Describe your worst date experience.


2 thoughts on “Hell Date…

  1. My worst date experience was with a guy we will call Peter. He was charming, outgoing, handsome, and highly intelligent. We were supposed go to a ballet and dinner. After picking me up for a much anticipated evening, he drove me straight to his house for sex. I was very disappointed. I had waited months to see the ballet. Needless to say, he was more disappointed than me. I made him drop me off at the ballet and never spoke to him again.

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    1. WoW!Your awesome!You went to see the ballet without him.. :). Question since Peter intentions were to get sex from you on the first date if you had went with the flow hypothetically do you think you sex first can build or guarantee a successful healthy relationship? Answer blog question titled
      “Does sex on the first date guarantees successful relationship”?


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